Our "Fearless Leader"
Morgan Hubbard

A successful business always starts with a few key consistent qualities. Those qualities include: a first-rate location in the target demographic, attentive and friendly staff, a strong driving force and leader, and an enjoyable atmosphere for customers and employees alike. Top Drawer Consignment has proudly boasted these qualities for over 18 years and counting.

It all started as a family run business owned and operated by Sally Mullins.   Fast forward a few years and enter Morgan Hubbard, an ambitious young woman looking to secure her future.  
               Morgan purchased Top Drawer Consignment in May of 2017 after working closely with Sally, her future mother in law. She started as a weekend employee; but quickly moved up into a full time position following high school. After about a year working up front, conversing with customers, putting out new inventory, ringing sales and organizing and creating displays; she realized she was very interested in the consignment process as a whole. She began training in the back and quickly learned how to sort through merchandise and price items to sell. She quickly learned she had a knack for recognizing fashion trends and making the store run in an efficient and organized manner. When Sally offered her the managerial role, she quickly jumped at the opportunity to learn more about the business itself.  
Morgan always knew she was made for bigger things in life. She is a born leader with key skills to be a heavy hitter in the business world. When Sally offered up the business for sale, Morgan quickly jumped at the opportunity and purchased the store in May of 2017 at the young age of 24.  Not many women her age can boast about owning their own business before the age of 25. It is impressive to say the least, and she believes this to be one of her greatest decisions thus far.
Top Drawer Consignment has done nothing but consistently grow in revenue and marketability. Morgan hopes to maintain that forward momentum by continually keeping up with trends, updating computer and consignment systems and keeping Top Drawer a pleasurable place to not only shop; but also, to work.  All of her employees here have very high remarks for this young up-and-coming business owner, and their long-standing employment attests to that as well.
Top Drawer Consignment has been known for its upbeat energy that draws you in and its fashion forward items at great low prices that keep you coming back again and again.  Sally Mullins did a grand job of establishing a working and successful business and Morgan Hubbard took that motto and added her own ingenuity and dreams to continue to make this business grow and flourish. If you haven’t already heard of Morgan Hubbard and Top Drawer Consignment, it won’t be long before you do.
Written by: Stacy Brunelle
(Manager, Inventory Specialist,  Marketing & Social Media Director, Store Comedian & Entertainer ;) )